Share a canvas by using the Publish Canvas feature in the Canvas Selection window, which can be accessed when you click on the  button on the top menu bar.



Once you have published a Canvas, you will be given a unique URL link that you can copy and paste into anything you want or you can click on one of the available Social Network buttons to share your Canvas with that service:

Sharing Canvases with others can be very helpful when you want to share your thoughts for the purposes of gaining feedback and guidance or if you just want to share the new insights you have discovered that you think will be helpful to others. 


The shared Canvas is a read-only view of your real Canvas.  Although others cannot change the Canvas you have shared with them, any changes you make to the Canvas will be seen by those who have the unique URL link when they refresh the browser window.  


You can easily un-publish the Canvas at any time by going back to the Canvas Selection panel and clicking on the button that looks like the earth (a globe).